Wednesday, August 28, 2013

actually I KNOW I'd "love to shake the hand of Jimmy Carter!"

"Fritz (Mondale) is just back ... He thinks that Kennedy (Ted) has as a major goal the defeat of the Democratic ticket in November, and I think he's probably right." Jimmy Carter's White House Diary, pp. 431-432. You must read the book to see why President Carter said that in 1980.
I'd love to shake the hand of Jimmy Carter. Who sings that line? Blue Mountain?
Anyway, reading White House Diary is much better than watching the movie, I mean the CBS 60 Minutes show here on YouTube. This 15 or so minute segment is well worth watching as are the comments beneath the video. Reading this book has taken me back to a unique time in American history and my own life. I skipped to 1980-'81 because those were the years I best remember about his Presidency. Lesley Stahl does an excellent presentation in the abominable style of what passes for news in the United States today. This interview was apparently done in 2010, way into our Corporate fascist era in U.S. journalism. She uses the word "snarky" in reference to President Carter's diary. Sorry Lesley, but YOU were the snarky one.
What's so cool about the comments is how they show that so many Americans comprehend Jimmy Carter's presidency despite the snarky press coverage that he received, and still gets. What a cool, collected man. The only President who comes close to matching him in what I would call Christian behavior is President Obama! (The first trick is one must actually WATCH and LISTEN to Pres. Obama.) I do mean behavior, nothing else. The way they stay cool despite having to deal with assholes, to be blunt.
If I were rich enough to hire a personal assistant I'd put them right on researching this theory - Jimmy Carter was President at the exact moment when American democracy was hijacked by the right wing fundamentalist Republican Party and it took an awful lot of coordination from Nixon's presidency until then to accomplish that. Furthermore, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, et. awful, were right there along with the Southern Baptist Convention! More on that "Christian" denomination's role later.
Check out the opening moments when Lesley Stahl's skirt is up around her thighs, she pulls it down, and ... cut to President Carter. Snark can be achieved in post-production as well.

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