Thursday, January 23, 2014

about Natasha Lennard's Salon piece and the futility of her call for militant protests against google

Words are barely adequate to express my outrage at Natasha Lennard and her Salon article, here.
What an utter misbegotten piece of crap. You want to protest the surveillance state but you are too much a coward to protest from the top down? The surveillance state originated with the CIA and all its offshoots and you merely want to harass Google employees AND their families. By God I'll not be surprised when someone gets shot and the shooter walks free. You don't know whose "buttons" you are pushing Natasha. 
I also read this example of courage on the same day as I read Natasha's piece of crap. Read here the US edition of the Guardian's coverage of the heros of the Ukraine.
If I ran google, I'd immediately step down my cooperation with spies, but I would also move my entire fuckin' operation to Texas. Please come to Texas in the springtime. Try Austin.

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