Tuesday, January 14, 2014

, or thanks, Uws Radio in Ayrs Scotland for another play!

Graham Charlton, is a dj on a great college terrestrial station, here. It's UWS radio in Ayr, Scotland.
I met him at a meeting of the Traditional Song and Music Society in Glasgow, Scotland. I went in search of music and with a pint in hand was told, "You want to go to the room behind that door." Best to go with "your song" in your head, because you'll be about the only one not prepared to sing from the table. A lady who looks exactly like my Aunt Ola from Amherst, Texas sang one day at a time  sweet jesus, so don't think all the finger-waggers are in any one place. Ha! Most of us were drinking, and all drinking quite lightly.
updated: My aunt is not a finger-pointer, so I regret the implication. back to original:
Well, thanks Graham! Tatooed With Regrets sounds a bit slow now, though.
ps The new cover for Contrary is a regrettable neccesity, however the CD is the same as it was, a disk replicated by a specialist.  (My, ahem, "iconic" Burl image from the color picture) is my google-associated image and is on the old cover of the same disks.

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