Wednesday, January 15, 2014

about Ron and Rand Paul

Anyone who has read my blogger spot here on google knows the respect I have for Ron Paul and the excitement I have in common with the Campaign for Liberty. I cannot transfer that respect to son Rand Paul because, mainly, he hasn't inherited the respectful but insistent attitude to his cause that marked the long career of his daddy. He is not a Southern Gentleman, as is Ron.
I excitedly began reading Ron's long email about his unfortunately-named "Freedom Bomb," a petition to be sent to Congress. When I clicked on the donate button, linked here, (opens in anew window) the first thing I saw was the repeal ObamaCare language. Sorry Ron. Where was the "bring home America's troops" language?
The only political contributions of my life were made to Obama, two of them as I recall. I will not abandon ObamaCare, the long-overdue start to proper healthcare in the United States. Like the law, I am also in a "two steps forward, one step back" situation. Let's insist on keeping that one remaing step forward!
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