Friday, July 6, 2012

... About Education

I was a teacher before the No Student Left Un-Recruited Law. The Bill was a Republican plan. What do think was supposed to happen? The quickening of privatization, that's what. 100% of ANY nations' students are not going to be proficient in school; can we have some common sense, please? The famous support of Edward Kennedy of this law is a shame. He played the role of rich kid invited to the neighborhood game only because he owned a ball. Democrats must begin to care more about justice than they do about trying to get the "middle" (read right-wing) vote. After the law passed there was a huge increase in the use of consultants (teachers tired of teaching students) and a decrease in the amount of money spent directly in the classroom. Education is, Constitutionally, a STATE issue, and the fed needs to butt out, if only because EACH new administration is going to change the policy of the previous administration. It was justice to integrate the schools and it took the federal government to do it, but education in and of itself is not a Civil Right. The movement to declare it so is a Republican move to further discredit PUBLIC schools so that they can reward their buddies with privatization. The first violators of the "Civil Right" to education are always PARENTS (for the first five or six years) and they set the stage for that child's future. But no parent will ever be accused of the violation; unionized teachers will.

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