Monday, July 2, 2012

Save Kids - End the War on Drugs

Kevin Sabet, supposedly a "drug expert" said, "The scientific consensus is that legalization (of marijuana) would increase use, especially among kids, and I think that is not something the President wants to happen under his watch." Only sorta-half true, the second half. The real issue is that a national politician who wants to win can't afford to endorse legalization, but s/he could byGod leave the states smart enough to legalize the hell alone! And if the U.S. really gave a care about Mexico, they'd (the U.S.) legalize it. An increase in use among kids is a concern? Ha! Make tobacco products and alcohol illegal and I might believe about concern for kids. But America wised up about alcohol, after essentially creating a market for gangsters. Take the market away and save Mexico - if you are concerned about Mexican kids.
I taught 7th and 8th graders on an Indian reservation and I caught them with pot. The "War on Drugs" has merely served as a front to give military weapons to foreign dictators -it's a part of the military/industrial complex. It's just one more way to separate poor and middle-class Americans from our money and send it overseas. Just like our jobs.

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