Wednesday, July 11, 2012

... About Education

The simple truth (from a retired teacher) is that those nations that continually outscore our kids are separating students by ability level. We put a non-reader-gang-banger bully in the same room with a kid with a genius IQ and call the teachers bad because they can't be everything to everybody. This country's definition of a "good teacher" is really the definition of a genius angel. Let's get real. I know that historically classification of students by "ability" led to discrimination - by sex, by race, etc. How about this as a start - let any kid take any class (even the high-level classes) as long as they TRY to learn! There will be some who achieve at lower levels, but that's when a good teacher can accommodate both the lesson AND the grade. Who decides who is really trying and learning at an adequate level? Well, the teacher of course, and if a teacher is discriminating it's an administrators job to catch it.

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