Monday, July 16, 2012

"about the knee-jerk support of Israel"

I am sick of U.S. taxpayer dollars propping up Israeli wars. I am sick of the idea that America, and therefore Obama, must pander to every single issue Israel's leaders bring up. And, in recent years, conservative, politically-minded "Christian" preachers have posited that each time America "neglects" Israel's desires, God has punished America. The Republican Party has taken over these "Christians'" point of view, maybe even the outright crazies who only want to use Israel to bring about Armageddon. Our over-close relationship with a country that has responded by spying on us and fanning the fires that burned America must change. Obama didn't make any mistake in getting tough with Israel; today's Washington Post article is based upon false assumptions. There are many Israelis who want peace and an end to the occupation of lands seized during their sneak attack on Arab lands. Those settlers share a disturbing attribute to Americans - both think that God favors us over all others and therefore we have the right to kill and dominate them. Those people are like the Taliban in Afghanistan - stirring up hatred in the name of God. And Republicans would rather kill Obamacare than take away one thin dime from war-mongering.
Of course, it's the money that corrupts U.S. politics. If we had debates instead of ads we could have a discussion about Israel instead of just one more lousy editorial posing as journalism.

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