Thursday, July 19, 2012

"about student loans and credit"

Student loans were the first credit I received in my life. I couldn't get anything else because of having no credit history. When I graduated and got my career job on a reservation, I discovered that the local Indian Health Services Hospital was largely staffed by doctors whose student loans were forgiven after a few years service on the rez. Some left on the very day their loans were forgiven. I checked up the line all the way to the US Dept. Of Ed. and found there was no way my loans would be forgiven for serving in the SAME remote, needy location as the doctors served in. You see, the AMA is an active lobby, protecting their own, and gaining concessions through lobbyists. Students, as Ronald Reagan proudly proved while he destroyed the California college system of education are just trouble-makers. And I hope they stir up one hell of a lot of trouble. To the corporations and institutions of America, we the 99% are merely cash cows.
My daughter not only got all the student loans she asked for, she also got a credit card WITH NO CREDIT HISTORY and a car loan. She proceeded to go into huge debt before waking up, and thank God, is now in a position to get out of debt before the age of 40. The Congressional system, funded by lobbyists, and the media, funded by political ads and merger approvals, are DESTROYING the American dream and they don't give a damn about us. The only answer I see is, this time make damn sure Obama gets reelected. Then, we must take over the Democratic Party from the ground up and the next President can get the Congress necessary to turn up the speed of turning things around.
Firstly, it is an absolute travesty that we have to PAY for the Democracy WE and our parents and grandparents fought and DIED for. The idea that money is speech is ludicrous, and that Citizen's United ruling did not come out of nowhere. I first heard about it as a Republican goal in the '80s and I'm not a news geek. Democrats helped usher it in by caving in from the beginning, yet Democrats are our only answer right now.
So Paris Hilton and her ilk are BORN with more free speech that your or I can ever earn! Hey she's a job creator, ahh?


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