Tuesday, July 3, 2012

England growing - How about US?

Imagine ... living in a country where the leader can say the equivalent of "I want to establish a full parliamentary inquiry involving both houses, chaired by the chairman of the Commons Treasury Select Committee."
UK prime minister Cameron said people "want to see bankers who acted improperly punished, and they want to know we will learn the broader lessons of what happened in this particular scandal". I say re-elect Obama AND support the Ron Paul move to audit the Federal Reserve. It's our money.
Imagine ... living in a country where the leader can say, "This committee will be able to take evidence under oath, it will have full access to papers and officials and ministers 
including ministers and special advisers from the last government." The USA cannot come to grips with the enormous danger in our Empire-seeking secret agencies, wasteful wars that create more danger to us than they do to protect us and an economy that rewards bribing cheating speculator/gamblers more than real workers until our leaders can speak openly about Wall Street crime and wrong-doing in former administrations.

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