Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CIA Whistle-Blower on Torture Prosecuted

Huffington Post reports that , "... the same month (CIA whistle-blower) Kiriakou was indicted, former CIA officer Jose Rodriguez, who oversaw the interrogation program, was on a book tour, proudly defending waterboarding and his own decision to destroy videos of interrogations in which it was used." I understand the outrage. A man who did not torture might go to jail, while a man who did torture and destroy the evidence is free. And of course the blogosphere is full of condemnation of Obama. So many people raise the specter of an America gone awry: buy guns, stock up on food and water, dig a shelter...

I don't want to live in that world. They're playing a kid's game of Cowboys and Indians with real weapons and they're the Indians. If that nightmare scenario comes true it's because it's already too late and the police and the military will kill you.
But ... imagine ... Maybe Obama HAS to do certain things in order to convince the majority of America's secret agencies and high-level military that Democrats CAN and HAVE kept America safe from outside attacks, whereas the Republicans did NOT.
I, too, have been deeply disappointed, but stop blaming the one person - the President. WE the people have foolishly sat back and let Congress become a home for fools and let the Supreme Court pick our President. THAT was the day for Al Gore to become a hero for all time. On that day we should have flooded the streets in protest!! This is America of course we're going to do a recount, even a new vote, if necessary. THAT'S what I wish Mr. Gore had said. Of course, he would have been assassinated.
Who is most likely to engage in "mass incarcerations" - Obama or ANY Republican President? I'm voting for Obama. He yanked us from the brink of the cliff of full-blown fascism. He is leading us back to the center, opening the door for a future wherein the American people wake  up to the fact that we have been robbed by the rich. Unfortunately, he has not yanked us all the way to Disneyland, but with Obama we have a chance to regain sanity. The Republican Party leaders are insane.

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