Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eminent Domain

I'll never forget my schoolboy surprise when I learned that "private property" was not sacrosanct. I had been taught it was the backbone of American freedoms. Ha. This song was written as my response to Kelo v. City of New London wherein a couple were forced by a Supreme Court decision to accept the offer buying their home against their will. and it was done by the city to offer up for the use of PRIVATE BUSINESS.
You never hear enough about the use of eminent domain when Republicans (you know the ones who believe in freedom) call out for the Keystone Pipeline which would force many private land owners to give up all or part of the control OF THEIR OWN LAND. And Rick Perry wants a one-mile wide stretch from Mexico to Canada for highways, train tracks, power lines, and, no doubt HUGE KICKBACKS from corporations. Makes you want to turn outlaw and monkey wrencher.
Big John Mills counted us in and I wonder: is this the first protest song Texas Two Step? Catch it free here.

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